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Sheffield Wednesday

Yellow Card

#1 17/07/2014 at 13:50

Sad to hear that he's gone, aged 70. Most will think of him as a rocker but he also loved the blues and us blues lovers have much to thank him for.

Back in the day, Muddy Waters' career had wound down to nothing, out of time and out of favour with new generations. Johnny picked him up again and pushed, prodded, promoted, produced and backed him on four worthy new albums, three studio and one live, before the great man passed away.

Thanks, Johnny!

We must not give opposition teams hope. We have to kill them. 

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Sheffield Wednesday
#2 17/07/2014 at 19:06

Freakish looks but a blindingly good blues player, he looked so effortless playing thick, heavy solos on his flying V.
RIP Johnny.  


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