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Owlsonline Make A Gaming Debut!

Owlsonline Make A Gaming Debut!

Just last week saw the release of the latest version of the popular, online, PC/ Mac and mobile gaming football management sim, Soccer Manager 16 and we at Owlsonline are proud to be included in the game.

In the latest release should you take charge of the mighty Owls, you will see that is mentioned as the voice of the fans within the game... (i'm quite pleased about that to be honest, as we are the discerning Wednesday supporters Wink )

There are two versions of the game available at for you to sink your teeth into. There is the single player version, which is probably most similar to what people would recognise from the likes of Football Manager/Championship Manager etc, or there is an online version of the game called Soccer Manager World, where you take on hundreds of other players online in a turn based system so there is no need to coordinate things to be online at the same time.

Soccer Manager 16 at it's core is a completely free game to play, but there are some upgrades which are available to purchase in the typical freemium online/mobile gaming model if you so wish, also if you do start the game at home on the computer there are a host of ways which you can start your career. Be it through your browser on the website or the Soccer Manager Facebook page, or you could choose to download it from Steam, but if mobile gaming is more your thing then you can log in on your smartphone, which ever platform you choose it's not exclusive to just that as you can continue your game as your game is saved in the cloud and it uses their new X-Platform technology to give you the freedom to use whichever platform you see fit, whenever you want to get your fix.

The game was given a 5 star rating in the Sun's gaming section last Friday, and although we've only had a very brief go on it so far... It seems something we may end up spending a few hours on, be it on the mobile or on the PC/Mac. And, well if the developers of the game know we are the voice of the Wednesday fans on the net, then they deserve a bit of praise.

If you want more info on how you can be the next virtual Carlos Carvalhal then you can either visit the Soccer Manager website for details HERE... or you can do down the social media route by looking up the Soccer Manager Facebook page, or take a look at their twitter feed which you will find @soccermanager

Let us know how you go on, give us your thoughts/tips/advice on the game and who knows... We may even see you on there.

For all things about the Wednesday, football and everything else, come join our free forum which you will find HERE...  

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