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Well, it’s that time again when we announce the winner of the Owlsonline player of the year award, over the years YOUR votes cast in the Player of the Game threads have been collated to figure out who you, the members of Owlsonline, have voted your player of the year.

Sam Hutchinson doesn’t hide, never shirks his responsibilities and arguably goes above and beyond and he more than deserves the accolade of being the Owlsonline 2016/17 Player of the Year. This year, there were a few candidates and the usual suspects are in there but the winner this season is a player we all love. He’s not without his little foibles, but one thing that cannot ever be judged is his commitment to the cause.

For a player who has had the ultimate crushing low of seeing his career come to an end not so long ago, to then rejuvenating himself and his career by moving to Hillsborough a few years initially on loan before becoming a fully fledged Owl.

This season 'Hutch' has been nothing short of phenomenal at times, he just exudes passion and after starting the season as first choice centre back before moving back into what has become his more customary central midfield birth, the biggest example of his passion and belief came initially with the equaliser at Brentford where his celebrations still make me smile. To the spell of games just before and over Christmas he stood out head and shoulders above the rest and put in some of the most memorable performances of the season.

Before Christmas against Barnsley aside from scoring, he was involved in almost everything, to the away game at Newcastle, Sam was nothing short of a colossus and his performance was much of the reason why we won that game.

As Wednesday fans we always look to players to give their all and we’ve had a few who we will always hold dear in our hearts over the past ten years. Lee Bullen, Jose Semedo, and DEFINITELY added to those is Sam Hutchinson. His smile is infectious as his playing spirit and will to win, to see him thundering after a seemingly lost cause in the home thumping of Norwich, causing John Ruddy’s error in giving the ball to Ross Wallace to ping into the goal from distance was arguably better than the goal itself. To be honest, I think Sam could have chased the half cleared ball and turned it back in on his own that day!!!

Recently Hutch has been out of action due to a niggling calf injury but is nearing a return to action, and although he isn’t our club captain I’d love nothing more than to see him lifting a playoff trophy at Wembley in just over a month’s time. He definitely deserves it. He's openly said that he owes this club and the supporters for backing him when all around him didn't think it was possible, but I'd say he doesn't owe him or need to thank us for anything. We thank him for his dedication to the cause and his reputation for being a 'robust tackler' sometimes precedes him which to some isn't acceptable, but neither is going on reputation... He's not a nasty player, he's committed... TOTALLY but he's a much better player than some oppositions would give him credit for. But that's fine, we'll keep him.

Thanks to everyone who voted this season, and although it’s now been decided I’d appreciate you joining in the debate for the remaining games of the season on who is your ‘Player of the game’ no matter if that’s for 4 games or 5...

Come join in the debate and tell us who your personal player of the season is, in the Player of the Year thread which you can find on the forum....

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