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It’s an odd time to be a Wednesday supporter after the last couple of years we’ve had. While I can accept some of what we saw last term wasn’t sparkling it’s results which matter, now again at the crucial point we fell down but overall it was a season of relative success.

Ahead of this season, the optimism felt different, it was still there but now the players and everyone at the club were openly talking about promotion and not via the playoffs, but automatically. Expectation levels ramped up to the highest levels for many a year, but they were tempered somewhat with the fruitless search for a centre back, a position, which we have been all talking about for quite some time. But the capture of George Boyd was one that generally was welcomed very positively.

Then the football started in August, and well… The Preston game was a debacle to say the least, the team lacked any sense of just that. They didn’t look like a team, it was a game littered with mistakes and we got what we deserved. Since then it’s been an up and down campaign, with seemingly more downs than ups.

Sam Winnall went out on loan and started scoring goals for Derby, Fernando Forestieri was injured and we’ve not seen him return yet (although all hopes of some are pinned on his impending return). We brought in Joost Van Aken who had a wonderful debut but now appears to be feeling the pressure of expectation on his shoulders and Frederico Vencancio is almost cutting an enigmatic a fugure as Filipe Melo, such is his absence from the team!!!!

There was the derby disappointment and then after the 3-0 win over Leeds, which was magnificent, it once again raised hopes that we had seen the return of Wednesday as a force in the Championship and a unified team. But since that win on the opening day of October, we’ve only won twice. Again, a win at Villa made people smile but there’s been a return to the not so pleasant.

Obviously seeing our neighbours flying high never helps, but if you put the sum of our parts together, I don’t think even the most ardent of supporters down at S2 would argue we’ve not got a better side on paper. But we’re back to the whole ‘on paper’ thing, it doesn’t matter if you have a team of extremely talented players if they’re just not getting the results. And we’re not.

Then of course the finger of blame is pointed directly at the head coach. Some would say he’s not done it for the best part of 18 months, some say before the playoff final of 2016 and the wheels were showing signs of coming loose. Well, he got us there almost again last season in but it wasn’t nothing like the previous campaign.

Now at Hillsborough there seems to be a tide of disappointment and the noisiest of fans are now voicing their disapproval of the head coach. As most people who have managed to sit through my ramblings over the past few years know it’s not my thing to be opinionated so much, however, I’m not sure now what else can be done but change the head coach?

Obviously there’s blame to be apportioned at the players, some arguably haven’t really done it this season. But there are some that have and it’s all disjointed. They look frustrated, don’t seem to be enjoying things like they did and arguably sound disappointed too in pre and post match press. But even with the players who maybe haven’t performed or been injured, I dare say 99% of the teams in this division would give their left arm for a Forestieri, Bannan, Lee, Lees or Westwood.

I don’t know what to think, where the answer lies… If I did then I suppose it would be me sat there in the managers office at Hillsborough. We seem to be on the edge of a precipice, but the worrying thing is we seem to be teetering over the edge rather than being hauled from the fall…

Anyway, thanks for listening.... See you on the forum... HERE  

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