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So, Have Your Thoughts Changed?

So, Tony Pulis had his first day on the training pitch with the Wednesday squad today and the first press conference after being unveiled as the new ‘gaffer’ recently and if I’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the way it went.

The first glimpse of the new boss was on the training pitch as, getting training footage is something the media team at Wednesday do well right now, keeping the fans like us in touch with things as much as they can. Then of course there was the press conference which started at around 3pm this afternoon, which is now of course all done online and today’s was all shown online and is available on the official Wednesday YouTube page HERE if you’ve not seen it.

I won’t be going through all the minutia of the all the questions and answers, just offering my thoughts and I don’t think it could have gone much better than it did. Tony Pulis didn’t dodge anything, of which the perfect example was when asked about the ‘goalkeeping situation’ and he was very bullish about the return to training of Keiren Westwood (who was on the aforementioned training video). 'Personally, I think the kid is one the best goalkeepers in the Championship and if he was available, in the position we're in now, I'd be looking to pick him. I can't be any more honest than that.'

So, that’s that then… Of course, he needs clearance to play but it’s probably fair to assume the number 1 shirt may make a return to the squad list very soon!

I liked his honesty when asked about the relationship he wants to build with the Chairman, and also the response when the Chairman was asked about it. Both want to speak honestly, both seemed realistic about what they expect from each other but of course we will see what comes from that.

The line about us being bigger than those from over in Sheffield 2 if we were in the Premier League was music to Wednesday fan’s ears, and of course incensed those of red and white persuasion. Again, a box ticked. But all in all there was a simple feeling of there being no flannel about it all. Which I suppose has been aimed in terms of Pulis’ management style.
It all felt honest, well intended, direct and there was no ambiguity about what was said.

Now, many have had their say about the appointment of the manager already here on our forum, but there has been a majority agreement that despite the initial chuntering, the new manager WILL get the support of the fans. The proof of his words come in the results of course, what happens on that green rectangle on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm (most of the time) is what will define Tony Pulis.

He says wants to build a future, he wants to get us into the top flight. Will it happen? Who knows, but you certainly get a sense that he’s going to really give it his best shot, and with so many games coming up over the next few weeks he’s certainly got a few opportunities to make his mark quickly.

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