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Hoyland Corner…The Return

Being a Wednesday fan is painful isn’t it… Things never seem to be positive. Our highs since the 90’s have been flirtations with promotion from the third to second tier, a Championship playoff final appearance which we dared to dream about the Premier League until 5 minutes into the game… So it’s not been sunshine and rainbows for a LONG time.

Whilst we sit and smile at the current exploits of those across the City only having a solitary point in the top division, they’re up there. Which is painful, of that there’s no doubt, for any self-respecting Wednesday fan.

We grasp at the smallest of positives, we hope for that corner to finally be turning (3rd last Christmas anyone?) then crash to lows like we have now. This to me feels like the early 2000’s, when we dropped into the third tier in 2003, it felt rudderless, would it ever get better? And then falling out of the 2nd tier again at the end of the decade… We’re like a punch-drunk boxer who just manages to stay on their feet to get to the end of the fight and then just avoids to lose the bout on points before somehow getting one more chance of getting into the bigtime.

This summer, overall I think most thought the recruitment was a decent haul, Dele-Bashiru, leaving Manchester City who regarded him as a player for first team football here. Izzy Brown a player who Chelsea still have under contract despite him not making the breakthrough there BUT has Championship pedigree from his loan spells. Josh Windass, whilst not the 20 goal a season man, another experienced head who CAN play in this division. Aden Flint, Elias Kachunga, Callum Paterson, all players known at this level and have experience of above… I mean what could go wrong? (aside from a 12-point deficit).

The sum of the constitute parts hasn’t got nowhere near what anyone expected. Whilst I think most of the realists would say that even the Playoffs would have been a push at best, the optimism was generally quite high. And after 4 games, we’d not lost… Yes, 2 of those were in the Carabao Cup against lower opposition, but don’t wins supposedly help gain momentum? Since then.. It’s been pretty poor hasn’t it… Teams just seem to be able to walk all over us (and round us), literally.

Monk leaving was the right call for me, he wasn’t ever the right man either.

The footballing equivalent of woodchip wallpaper. Meh, not inspiring and no one would choose it if they aspired to anything other than mediocrity at best. However, what I will say in his defence is that it’s not the easiest of tasks. Fast forward to appointing Tony Pulis and I said it at the time… I’d have rather us gone for Paul Cook, or even someone like Ryan Lowe at a bigger risk. Both has reputations of building sides who play attractive football and have promotion experience, albeit at lower levels than the Championship. But what I expected from Pulis was a side who will run through the brickwall, won’t stand around letting others just waltz by… Again, I can defend him a little by saying against Swansea, we weren’t easy to beat, against Norwich for 80 minutes we played quite well in terms of an organisational structure and defensive solidity. BUT… That last 10 minutes at Norwich and last night were, well, awful.

Last night was REALLY bad. Did the players realise there was a game on? It didn’t seem like it, there was little passion, fight, effort. It was nothing short of horrendous. I want it to be a watershed moment, I want Pulis to get things sorted out, whilst he won’t be the answer long term. Relegation for us is a possibility even at this early stage, when you consider the goals for column and even the shots on target. It’s not good enough. No pandering to egos, no cuddling, the players need a rocket. FOR NOW, I’d take muck and bullets football in, lets be horrible sods that no one wants to play against, let’s shit house our way to victory, I don’t care how it comes. In the past relegation has been suggested, could be a good thing in a perverse way, but right now I think it would be a disaster. With the last couple of years, I couldn't see a way back.

2020 has been a crap year for so many reasons aside from Wednesday stuff. Can we please make 2021 a better one for Wednesday at least!!!  

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