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No this isn't Dale Iain.

Right a return for Bring It On this weekend sees a visitor from Rochdale take the time to answer our questions ahead of their trip to S6 on Saturday.Who do we have this week?Well this week we introduce to you, Dale Iain, from

1) What were your expectations after achieving promotion last season?
I expected us to finish around lower mid-table, 14th-ish. On our budget that would be a very good achievement, but we've become used to being optimistic recently.

2) 5 defeats in six after an excellent start, what's going wrong at the moment?
Those defeats have all been by the odd goal, so you could put it down to just one of those things, bad luck etc. But I reckon that our formation has become far too predictable and lacks penetration against the lesser sides in the league, which is what we have been up against in this run. It does work against the better teams though, so watch out!

3) You took ex owl, Brian Barry Murphy in the summer from Bury your thoughts on him so far?
I like him a lot. I liked him as soon as bury fans told us he's crap, because going off precedent this meant he would be great. He's an excellent passer of the ball, I liken him to Xabi Alonso (honestly!)

4) Other than your nearest rivals, which other side do you REALLY like to see your side beat and why?
Notts County. Arrogant, cheating, moral-less tw*ts.

5) If you could sign one player (realistically) to come into your squad, who would it be and why?
David Perkins. I'd love to have him back.

6) Keith Hill, a manager who is very highly rated amongst his peers but seems to get little recognition. How do you see him?
I fancy him like mad. He's liable to the odd moan, but in my eyes it's only because he cares about his job so much. Him and Flitcroft are legends here and it'll be a sad day when they leave, which they inevitably will do, but they'll leave with our best wishes.

7) Any memories of games against the Owls?
Only the Carling Cup game a couple of years ago. We couldn't live with you in the first half that night. Great strike from Sanka off Cool Runnings.

8) What do you know about Sheffield Wednesday?
That they're too big for our league, so no doubt they'll continue to spend more money than they have to get out of it.

9) Team news?
We have a full squad available as far as I know.

10) Score prediction.
Could go either way. Obviously on paper Wednesday should win, and you've been scoring goals for fun this week. But you've played twice since our last game - and our last game means we should be really pumped up to make amends - plus as I've said, our formation seems to do the trick against the best teams, including Southampton, Huddersfield, Brighton, and Barnsley and Birmingham in the cup. I'm gonna go for a 2-2 draw. Mellor and Coke for you, O'Grady and Dawson for us. Up The Dale

Massive thanks to Dale Iain and all the people at for their time, you can of course go and pay them a visit by CLICKING HERE

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