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Bring It On - The Saddlers

Bring it on - The Saddlers.

After a deliberate absence from Bring it On last weekend, due to our dislike of Franchise FC, we welcome back a foreigner to our site. Well with the Saddlers of Walsall visiting Hillsborough tonight it would only be fair to ask their opinion.. So..
SaddlerSam, do your worst as we ask you to BRING IT ON!

1) Chris Hutchings, time for him to go then?

He should never have been appointed but seeing as he was, he should have gone in the summer.

2) What is the one thing he could do (other than walk!) that in your opinion would change things for the better?

Stop using utterly rubbish cliches when we lose, particularly 4-1 at home to Tranmere Rovers.

3) You stopped the rot in the League with a good win over Carlisle at the weekend, could this be the start of a run of victories?

Not a run of victories but I'd like to see an upturn in performances at least.

4) Jon Macken, Julian Gray, Rueben Reid all players who have played and could arguably still play at a higher level, whats gone wrong with them?

A fit Macken is very much an asset, just wasn't getting games. Reid is still learning the game to be honest and Julian Gray doesn't want to be here, simple. You missed out Martin Devaney, on loan from Barnsley. Now, he is very good.

5) If you could beat any team (other than your nearest few rivals) who would it be and why?

Liverpool Football Club. At their place. I would laugh and I would laugh and I would laugh.

6) If you could realistically sign one player to make a difference, who would it be and why?

Too hard to answer, we need half a new squad.

7) What do you know about the Owls?

Birds that generally come out at night. Oh, the team?! Sheffield's biggest club, regardless of what the Swordsmen down the road would say. And I prefer them to Leeds.

8] Any memories of games against Wednesday?

Not really, although on a personal note a 1-1 draw at Bescot a few years ago sticks in the mind due to my mate being an Owls fan and being intent to boast about your first goal, even though it was against the run of play. Completely.

9) Team news?

They need better coaching. Other than that, probably Walker, Lescott, Lancashire, Butler, Westlake, Richards, Taundry, Marshall, Nicholls/Devaney, Macken, Reid.

10) Score prediction?

I'm not an optimist but I reckon we could scrape a draw. Backs against the wall and that.

So, massive thanks to SaddlerSam and his mates from the Bescott Stadium, you can visit him and all his pals by clicking right HERE.

For all the other reactions from the Walsall supporters look at the Bring it On thread on the messageboard. 

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