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Playoffs 2005 Legend.

The Wednesdayites will be on the arduous trip to the County Ground by now, and it could be 'interesting' with the white stuff still on the ground. But for those of you who are set to listen to the game this afternoon (or you are reading this on your internet enabled mobile thingy) then we ask one Robin to.. BRING IT ON.

We paid a visit to Swindon Town's foremost forum, to find a willing victim and that person is Don Rogers Shop, so let's get on with it...

1) What did you expect from the Robins this season?

I still expect us to be making a late surge.(for the playoffs?) Probably blind hope but have seen enough glimpses to see we are not far off a very decent outfit.

2) If you could sign one player to fit into your side (realistically) who would it be and why?

Michael Nelson. Experienced leader in this league and what we are crying out for.

3) How long do you think you can keep hold of Charlie Austin? and what do you think it would take to prize him away from the club?

It took west brom 1.9m to take Cox and i honestly think the board rate him more highly. The fans are quite split on value but the fact we are not desperate as such to sell will help us.

But I think he will be gone in the summer.

4) Mr Austin is the one that grabs the headlines, but who are the unsung heroes at the club?

Scott Cuthbert centre half no nonsense and just gets on with it also Jonathan Douglas rated by alot but not a headline grabber.

5) Other than your closest rivals, who else do you REALLY like your side to beat and why?

Brighton, just can't stand them and have this mental idea they are a massive club. Can't wait to see them fail miserably this year.

6) You have 2 ex Owls in the team and an ex Owl manager at the helm, what do you think of them?

Lucas and JPM were both immense last year and if i am honest both have been poor this season in fact the same can be said for Danny Wilson so i suppose that explains why we are not doing so well as of yet.

7) What do you know about Wednesday?

Not much if i am honest just that you have been in financial difficulty for a while now but are hopeful that you have someone on board who may end it. Fairly inconsistent on the pitch pretty capable of absolutley mullering a team but also prone to lose against some right gash team. Actually you sound very much like us

8)Any memories of games against the Owls?

The premier league game when you came down i was 13 and decided to sit in the away end with you lot unfortunately i was in the advert next to Tango man and my parents questioned why i was sat in the away end. I may be wrong but that game was 3-3 and Digby dislocated his shoulder, i was 13 so probably wrong.

9) Team news ahead of the game?

Pretty much back to full strengh now so nothing new.

10) Score prediction?

3-2 Swindon.

Massive thanks to Dan Rogers Shop then and all the others over at who took the time to give us an answer or two, although one of them is particularly strange, if not inventive, so if you want to pop in there and see what it's all about then please... CLICK ME.  

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