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Owlsonline Interview… Nicky Weaver Part Two

Owlsonline Interview… Nicky Weaver Part Two

After spending two years and making 70 appearances for Charlton, Nicky was to move north of the Border to Dundee United.

He only featured 18 times for the club from Tannadice but the move was a personally successful one as it was to put Nicky firmly back in the shop window and as a result he was to link up with his former manager from Wednesday, Brian Laws, at Burnley.

“I moved to Burnley on loan and was hoping to get some time on the field but I remember at the time that Brian Jensen was playing really well for them and I just couldn’t get a look in. I couldn’t complain because the number one was playing well and keeping the shirt but it was disappointing.”

However, in August 2010 the chance of a dream move to his boyhood club came up and naturally it was a move that Nicky was to jump at and he was also given the chance to work with the manager who he says is not only ‘the nicest man in football’ but a truly great coach.

“Alan Irvine was the nicest manager that I’ve ever worked with, a real lovely fella. He had tried to sign me a year before I came to Wednesday when he was at Preston but I didn’t think I’d get the chance to play as Andy Lonergan was their number one at the time so I turned them down so he was aware of me before I came here.

“He possibly suits being a coach a little more as all he wants to do is get on with the training and preparation for games and he was great at both. I think he may have felt as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders at Wednesday but as a coach and a man he is a really great fella. I’ve never known a squad of players as gutted as we were when he got the sack as he was such a good manager to play for. There was a real sombre mood about the place when we found out.

“We all felt as though we had let him down.”

After Alan Irvine in came a fellow Wednesday fan to manage the side, and Nicky admits the reputation of Gary Megson had initially led the players to wonder what to expect when he took the reins of the team who had struggled under Irvine.!/image/910218011.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_595/910218011.jpg

“I enjoyed my time under Gary Megson too, we’d heard things about him before he came in and in the first few games when things weren’t going too well for us he went mad!! We wondered what on earth was going on!
'But to be fair he had a way of going about things all he wanted was you to give everything you had in every game.

“He always said the two things the opposition can’t stop you doing are running and talking to each other, no matter how good they are.

“I know people may have had an issue about us playing in a direct way but I had no issue with us playing that way and being good with set pieces, even Barcelona score from set pieces, but you had to win. I can’t say it will have been good for the supporters if we didn’t.

'We knew what we had to do and like when Alan Irvine went, we all again felt we had let the manager down.”

Under Megson he would play his final game for the Owls and despite this he bears no malice to his former gaffer or to his final manager at Hillsborough, current boss, Dave Jones.

“I had no problem with Meggo, I mean who would have known that game against Hartlepool would be the last one in a Wednesday shirt for me. I didn’t think I’d really let the team down so much but the manager pulled me into the office and said if Stephen (Bywater) didn’t do his job then I’d be back in. No, I wasn’t happy about being dropped from the side but it was fair enough, but then Stephen didn’t put a foot wrong and since then Chris Kirkland has been fantastic too so I can’t really complain.”!/image/3733312500.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_595/3733312500.jpg

Last season saw Nicky missing from the squad list seemingly not in the managers plans and from the outside it may seem to outsiders that he had been alienated but he says that’s far from the case and his relationship with Dave Jones is as good as it’s ever been.

“Some people may think I have a problem with the manager but I haven’t got a problem with Dave Jones at all, I nearly moved to Doncaster last summer and everyone thought it was going to happen so I wasn’t allocated a squad number because of it and the move didn’t happen so that was that. There were people wondering where I was and felt that I’d dropped off the face of the earth as I wasn’t on the programme and didn’t have a sponsor but that’s just how it was and I totally understand that.

“I was going to leave in January but then I fractured a bone in my hand in training and it took me 10 weeks to come back from that and I hadn’t been in training long enough to really go to another club on loan and do a job. It didn’t feel right and I didn’t want to let anyone down.

“I have no issues with Dave Jones or anyone at the club whatsoever and I really do wish him and everyone all the best.”

In his two years with the club he’s experienced highs and lows but what is the one thing that he sees as his own personal highlight during his time with the club?

“My favourite Wednesday game may be seen as an odd one but it’s the Johnstones Paint game against Chesterfield, no it wasn’t the biggest game but it’s the only one I’ve scored in! When it came to taking the penalty I just thought I’d take it like a goal kick but get over the ball a little and hopefully the keeper wouldn’t save it, I didn’t know what else to do!

“I really enjoyed our promotion season although I only played 10 games of it and it was great to be around the place and experience that with the lads. But of course it would have been good to have been involved on the field a little more.”

Getting involved is something that the youngsters at the club all strive for and Lee Bullen told us that Nicky has had a massive input when it comes to the young goalkeepers in waiting at SWFC and the outgoing stopper is impressed by what he has seen from Cameron Dawson and Aaron Jameson but both of them need nurturing in different ways if they are to be a success in their future careers.

“Aaron has had a bit of a stop start time with Wednesday, he’s 23 now and I think he could do with going out on loan and getting some game time but he has had a long standing groin problem in fairness to him which I think he’s had sorted but he’s a very good ‘keeper and hopefully things will be better for him now injury wise.

“Cameron has progressed greatly in the past two years, he’s got a lot of confidence and having the time with England and becoming a professional has certainly helped him. He’s got that swagger about him and really looks like a keeper, but he needs to keep up that progression. “

It’s clear that Nicky loves our club; he’s gutted but somewhat philosophical about his impending departure. He’s lived his dream, which changed as he grew older from being the humble fan to first team player.

“At the time when I was a youngster watching Wednesday I would have done anything for Wednesday to have won the FA Cup as any fan would and it doesn’t seem five minutes since I was there watching Wednesday at Wembley. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom with us beating Manchester United there a couple of years earlier. But I’m just so pleased to have pulled on the shirt of the team I followed when I grew up and I think it’ll be something I realise later in life just how big it was to have actually played for my club.

“In football it’s all about the here and now, not about what you did three or four years ago but I still feel I can do a job.

“I’ve spoken to a few managers and so has my agent but we’re at a point in the summer where are things are a bit quiet. I expect there’ll be more moves made in July and hopefully something will come up. I’m not daft enough to think I’ll definitely be playing in this country and at a certain level, I mean I didn’t think I’d ever play in Scotland but playing up there really put me in the shop window again. You never know where things may take you, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens.”

As a supporter of SWFC we all have our opinions on players past and present, did they live up to their promise? Were they a success or a failure? Nicky leaves the opinions to others and looks forward to the future safe in the knowledge that he knows he didn’t let anyone down and is keen to be able to watch his club once again when the time comes.

“I’ll leave it to others to think what they like about me, but I’ll always be extremely grateful to have played for my club and gave it my all.

“I lived my boyhood dream, enjoyed playing the game and I always played with a smile on my face and appreciated to have been given the chance to play for Wednesday. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my time at the club; it’s been a great place to work everyday. I have no issues with anyone at the club, or how things have worked out and I wish everyone at the club all the best and when I do hang up my boots, I’ll be back in the crowd at Hillsborough with a season ticket cheering the lads on with the rest of the fans.”!/image/4076426929.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_595/4076426929.jpg

Thanks to SWFC for allowing us to speak to Nicky and I'd personally like to thank Nicky for taking the time to speak to us at Owlsonline and I'm sure I can speak for all fans on here in thanking him for all his efforts in a Wednesday shirt and we hope he gets sorted with a new club before returning to his spiritual home once again when he hangs up his gloves.  

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