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And It's Hiiii Hooooo Sheffield Wednesday

It’s a restart on the pitch for the Owls today as Nottingham Forest come to Hillsborough to get the 2019/20 season back underway, in strange circumstances as the doors remain locked to us and our view is restricted to our TVs.

Of course, there’s no fans in the ground today at S6 (unless you call the cut-outs of fans and a dog), some quip that it’s nothing new as only a few support when they are there. Some still say there should be no football due to the ongoing health issues in the country or that football is nothing without the fans. But the fact is, football is back. With the Premier League starting earlier this week and of course the Bundesliga and football in Italy and Spain too, it’s a ‘new norm’ that we’ve to deal with, for now anyway.

There’s the spectre of a possible points deduction on the horizon which could have a direct effect on where Wednesday find themselves next season. Will it be Gillingham and Blackpool? Will it be Reading or Blackburn? Or will it be the top flight for the first time in 20 years? So many options are on the table with nine games or more still to play for Garry Monk’s side.

All the players can do is give their all, whether out of contract and looking to move on, or looking to get another deal and stay with the Owls it’s within their power to earn. With the whole economy of football in question, deals may well be slashed and players may have to take cuts with only the most cash rich able to sustain pre-pandemic levels of finance. It’s in their interests to do what they can in a market saturated this summer with players out of contract, it’s arguable that any player’s next contract is their most important with the industry so volatile. Of course though I am aware it could be argued I’m being a little bit ‘romantic’ to expect blood and thunder from a squad who have flattered to deceive since the heights of 3rd place at Christmas.

There’ll be more than ever piling onto iFollow to watch this afternoon, there’ll be thousands of armchair supporters in every sense of the word. We can’t influence the game, we can’t urge the players to do that bit more, we can’t ‘suck the ball into the goal at the Kop end’. Social media will be awash with opinion, argument, comment and more later today and that’s probably the only thing that we can be certain of.

This period of uncertainty across the whole world, nevermind the country, has been horrendous with people forced to stay away from their families, loved ones and friends. As alluded to a little earlier, some don’t agree with football being back as there are so many things that are more important like those people that we have missed, or those we may have lost prematurely. And in that context, football definitely isn’t important.
For me, a slice of normality will help me, although I understand it might be the furthest thing from your mind.

I’m looking forward to escaping from our current woes for 90 minutes (+ injury time). Or at least I am right now but I’m fully aware it’s likely my opinion may well change by 3.05pm!!


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