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What Next At S6?

Well, last night when the notifications pinged around about that Tony Pulis had been relieved of his duties there was instantly wide spread castigation of the news. Not entirely because the now ex ‘new’ Manager was doing a sterling job, but the timing of it.

Let’s be honest there were plenty that weren’t enamoured by the decision of Pulis’ appointment, but as always the majority of Wednesday fans were prepared to give him a go. While in itself would have needed some miraculous results to turn their head, there was a hope that some short-term stability could be achieved.

But, of course there wasn’t much of a turnaround. Three draws started things and then they were followed by small shoots of change against Norwich for 80 minutes before the house of cards fell down somewhat. Then the next three games were nothing short of poor to say the least. A win over Coventry put some paper over cracks then there’s a ‘credible’ draw against Blackburn which wasn’t the most eye catching either which according to the statement last night was the final straw.

“On the pitch, seven points from a possible 30 is not acceptable.” Part of the statement reads that was released last night, it’s arguable that is true. BUT….
“There are also other issues which have had a bearing on this decision.” Probably says more than what happened on the pitch.

Pulis said he was going to be honest with the Chairman about the squad and what was needed to turn things around, this meeting didn’t happen, the manager said a week or so ago it was his fault that it hadn’t happened yet.. So, did it happen after the Blackburn game? And is it that the truths hit home a little too hard that the money he spent in the summer has on the face of it amounted to little and the squad needs a massive overhaul despite over half a dozen players coming in either on loan or permanently?

What is a fact is that Pulis has the undignified title of having held the shortest tenure of any permanent Wednesday manager in the club’s history… Whilst he’ll not be proud of that ‘accolade’ at least he still doesn’t have a relegation on his CV!!!??!

Outwardly though, what this has done has made the country aware, if they weren’t already of the ongoings at our football club, they might be looking a little more now.
A club castigated over the summer after being hit with a charge related to financial breaches, a twelve-point deduction for the aforementioned breach, players apparently on a number of occasions not being paid their full salary (which is said to be still ongoing), and now a manager given the impossible task of having only 45 days to turn the club’s fortunes around.

The mainstream media have already picked up on it, and ran, the perception is now out there that we’re ship with a commander in chief who is in the words of James Whaling of The Mirror, ‘Turning the once-great football club into a laughing stock’.

Whatever happens next, it appears the tide has now completely turned against Dejphon Chansiri. The man who did so much good in his early days and has pumped in millions of pounds as owner of The Owls now finds himself with an arduous task if he’s ever to turn back the flow of vitriol that’s now being hurled in his direction.

Anyway….. Onto Middlesbrough tonight!!! UTO!

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